Sunday, May 3, 2009

Canning Hamburger ~with pics!

Canning Hamburger ~from Anteagrarian Blog

Canning Hamburger

I've canned 28 pounds of hamburger, and so I have 28 pints of hamburger ready to be used. You can use canned hamburger in any of your favorite recipes. All you need to do is heat it up, drain the fat off, and put it your dish.

I had to really scrub the jars yesterday because I was using jars that have already been used. We purchased them at a thrift store. Remember to check your jars for chips or cracks before using them.

I used the new super fabulous cast iron enamel coated dutch oven to brown the ground hamburger in.

After the hamburger is browned I use the canning funnel to put the meat in the jars. You'll want to make sure you also fill the jar about half full with some of the fat. I don't use water at all in canning my hamburger or sausage. I also can all our ground sausage the same way.
Here I have the lids boiling.
When I clean the threads and rim of the jars I'll use a paper towel, or dish cloth dipped in the boiling hot water. This allows the jar rims to be sterile when I place the lid on.
Here I'm cleaning the threads and rims. I'll then use my lid grabber, which has a magnet on the end to pick up the lids in the hot water. I'll place the lids on and then put on the bands. Remember to only tighten them slightly to finger tip tight.
In this cannier load I had 15 pints, so I canned for 90 mins. at 15 lbs. I would have uploaded more pics, but the computer started giving me trouble. My cannier is an All American Cannier, and it was a wonderful investment. It has the gauge along with the weight, and has a metal to metal seal. You can google them if you'd like more info on them. The cannier is a double decker, and I can put 14 quarts, or 19 pints in it at once. Later I'll post pics of it and how it works for those who have commented on how to use one. Well I better get back to canning. I have 20 lbs. of ground sausage to can as well.


  1. Cannier: I don't think that word means what you think it means.

  2. Thank you for this post....I've wanted to know how to do this.

  3. :) Like Matt said, it's not cannier. It's canner.

    I'm curious about your suggestion to include a lot of fat. Generally, the recommendation is to remove as much as possible.

  4. Canadian Doomer..yeah, I was thinking the same thing about the fat. My book says to remove all fat...which is best?