Sunday, May 3, 2009

Garden City Wet Pack Schedule May 2009

The Garden City Cannery has posted the most current wet pack schedule!
For the month of May these are the dates and items that will be available:

May 7th~ Frozen Marion Berries (4 lb bag) (Put into 4-1gallon bags) $9.00
Frozen Blueberries (4lb bag) (") $7.00
Frozen Strawberries (same) $6.00
Frozen Raspberries (same) $12.00
May 12th~ Whole Marionberries (Pt Jar) $1.19
May 13th~ Black Beans #300 Can $.66
May 14th~ Whole Blueberries (Pt. Jar) $2.35
May 28th~ Marion Berry Pie Filling (Qt Jar) $1.40
Cherry Pie Filling (Qt. Jar) $1.65
Blueberry Pie Filling (Qt Jar) $2.15
Raspberry Pie Filling (Qt. jar) $2.25

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